“Dressing” for your Thanksgiving!!!!

Dressing for Thanksgiving can be a little tricky sometime, but once you read this, you will have a better idea on how to add your own flair for the Holidays.

This set right here is one of my personal favorites, classy, cute and still sassy. There are plenty of pieces to mix and match

 Thanksgiving collage v1 which is a womans dream.  Take the checkered black and white tank, throw on the frey sweater with the faux fur collar, add the jeans with or without the detailing on the knee grab a pair of cute pair of boots, or my loves Louboutins, and you’re ready to go. However,do not forget your statement piece, that adorable and, yes, classic Burberry scarf. A girl can never go wrong with Burberry and of course black. As Chanel once said !

If you are looking to go more de toute (beautiful) but still want to add your own “flair” then this is the look for you.It is always important when going dressy to have that one statement piece. In this case, it would be the earrings. Perfect size, not to overwhelming but enough to make yourself stand out! The sweet,delicate dress is amazing, right down to the gorgeous alencon lace.  Add the stunning sparkle of the headband ,which, by the way, will catch any fashionista’s eye.  Add the pop of color with the heel and step out with grace and confidence and Have a Happy Thanksgving!

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