Hot New Ideas for Fall/Winter 2014!

Yes readers, we are still in the summer season, baring the heat in our adorable bejeweled sandals, SKY HIGH wedges, and of course our sexy and stripy bikinis, but it is never to late to get a head start of what is trendy for the upcoming Fall/Winter season!

SO put on your comfy Summer Maxi and read on:

LOTS of colors, a summer must, which will continue to spill over in to the Fall season. Every fashionista knows that a color pick me up is needed during those chilly, autumn days and nights. HOWEVER, the two most intense hues will be RED and PINK, two of MY personal faves!!!

MIXING contrasting patterns, i.e Stipes with Squares, is HUGE for fall along with Geometric Prints think of Christian Louboutins new “geo” Pump, and Diane Von Furstenbergs Safari Skirt. Just make sure that the patterns you choose are not to crazy, making you stand out like a GLAMOUR DON’T. We want to be GLAMOUR DO’S beautiful readers. 🙂

FABRIC and TEXTILES for fall are calling for BIG, BOLD and LOUD!!!!! The fashion “gods” call this the “white noise print.” A simultaneous combination of equally intense colors and fabrics.! 

The classic and elegant HOUNDSTOOTH, which never go out of style, are appearing all over the fashion runways. Jackets, Boleros, Skirts and Suits will be popular using this amazing fabric. 70’S GEOMETRICS, as stated earlier, will be showing up on everything from shoes to tights, to jumpsuits. This print is a MUST for fall.

LAST BUT DEFINITELY NOT LEAST, the hot and new inventive suit:

INSTEAD of the typical long black sleeve blazer with slacks and boring black pumps, mix it up a little with a hot and slimming waist grazing blazer and a pair of classy houndstooth SHORTS! Top off the ensemble with a pair of black or brown leather boots!  Of course, this style might not be appropriate for the office, but if you work in a lax or semi-lax job, give it a try!! STYLE is all about taking risks to find out what works for YOU!



Forever Fashionable,

Shauna S. 

Your Original LupusDiva!





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