MY Special Somebody

My Special somebody makes me feel amazing everyday.

My Special somebody lives every day to it’s fullest.

My Special somebody ALWAYS know what to say to make me feel better.

My Special somebody dries away my tears with his soft touch.

My Special somebody makes everyday the BEST day of my life.

My Special somebody is someone I NEVER thought I would have met, and I did.

My Special somebody is a creator of all things creative.

My Special somebody is SO beyond amazing there are not enough words to explain just how amazing he truly is.

My Special somebody can turn a rainy day into a sunny day just by his smile.

My Special somebody is SO SO important to me. I would do anything to take his pain away.

My Special somebody is not only my best friend, he is my lover, my heart, and my strength when I have nothing left to give.

My Special somebody means the WORLD to me, I love him more and more each day that I am with him. He is truly the man of my dreams.

I LOVE you MY special somebody….

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