The Facebook “Complaints”….

This is not for anyone specific, but just for my own sanity.
It seems like FB is being more and more used for people to whine and complain about how either FABULOUS or how TERRIBLE their lives are.
In my opinion, FB should be used as not only an outlet to let out frustrations but to also for memories, pictures, connecting back with those TRUE friends in your life and to spread awareness about certain issues that are close to the heart.
I know I do speak about my SLELUPUS, but in no way shape or form do it do it to gain sympathy or pity from ANYONE. I do it so I can spread awareness that LUPUS IS A REAL DISEASE. It is not laziness, stress, complaining, being a hypochondriac or Rheumatoid Arthritis SLE LUPUS is an awful auto immune disorder in which my body physically ATTACKS my own body and the cells that keep a “normal” person healthy. I am in a CONSTANT battle for MY LIFE. I cant just pop a pill and the numerous injections I take do NOT take it away. I WILL NEVER BE FREE FROM LUPUS! It affects my liver, kidneys (which I recently found out I have mild kidney damage), vision- I have Macular Degeneration in both eyes and a glaucoma which I need to have surgery) keep in mind that I am ONLY 33 and have the immune system of someone in their 80’s, I now wear glasses to see things far away, Lupus causes extreme weight loss, eats away muscle and bone in your vital organs and joints, which is why I have had 2 knee surgeries, a wrist surgery and stomach surgery and MOST of all have a tendency to ruin friendships, relationships and pushes your loved ones away from you, because TRUST me If you do not have LUPUS, YOU will NEBER understand. Period, end of story.
Yes I have a triple diagnosis- SLELUPUS, Optic Neuritis and R.A but I get up everyday, smile and am grateful that I woke to see another day.
So next time you think your life is so horrible because things that day were not perfect or you were late to your job, just remember, there are people like me, and many other of my close and real friends that can not work. Be thankful for the small things in life. and for the big things, for you never know when they might be taken from you like mine were in October 2007…
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  • Shauna Hemming
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3 thoughts on “The Facebook “Complaints”….

  1. I put something like this on IG today… It’s sad when people try and formulate opinions about things they do not understand. It’s sad that the world has come to judge things they do not know the true reasoning behind.

    On a lighter note… I have only “known” you for a couple of months, but you kick ass! I love following you even on your bad days… Today is a very bad day for me and I thought about you this morning when I couldn’t roll out of bed! You inspired me to kick ass….

  2. And the way you smile and keep pushing on, no one would ever think that you were going through any of this. It’s amazing how people take the little things for granted and how people complain about so much when there are people that wish they could have half of what they have. I rarely get on Facebook because of the ignorance that people post on there…. Ah well… 🙂 maybe I should go through and do a friendship cleaning through my list… Only keep positive people on it. lol

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