During a flare this is how I feel:

I really do not like flaring when it is so nice outside. These are the days that I wish I was healthy, well healthier that is.
So many people take their health for granted. There are so many things I CAN do but there are so many more I COULD do if I was healthy and not living with Lupus. Lupus is NOT arthritis, you can live with Arthritis, Lupus is NOT laziness, I am NOT lazy. Lupus is NOT stress. Lupus is a diagnosed Auto Immune Disorder where my body attacks EVERYTHING that a normal person has to fight off illnesses. My body is CONSTANTLY in battle with itself. YES I can trick myself into pretending I am not sick during a flare but usually that leads to hospitalization, which is where I am NOT going. Yes I am frustrated that I am not able to enjoy this day to its fullest, but there will be so many more days just like today, only better……
All I can do is just keep smiling :))))))

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